Newberry Consortium

UC Davis is proud to be a member of the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium. The Newberry Library, apart from being an excellent research library, also hosts programs throughout the year that we strongly encourage our students  to take advantage of. There are a few steps to be followed in order to attend these programs and seminars.

First, you will need to apply to the Newberry for admission to a program that interests you. You should look at their website to see a listing of the programs offered.  If you find one that looks promising, there are instructions on how to apply on the individual event’s webpage.  Be sure to identify and apply to your programs of interest in advance (for instance, the end of the summer or early fall for the following school year) because you will then need to complete the following step in order to secure funding.

Second: In the fall of each year, you apply to a local selection committee to obtain approval to use the university’s consortium funds. UC Davis’s consortium faculty representative is Professor Frances Dolan in the English Department. If you are interested in attending a program at the Newberry and have questions about obtaining approval to use our consortium funds to help defray expenses, please contact Professor Dolan at We also suggest you look at the Newberry’s funding website in order to familiarize yourself with how the process works.

Please note: The deadline for applying for funding for Newberry trips was October 4th. However, while we authorize funds on an annual basis, usually reviewing applications in the fall, we do have some funds left this year (2013-2014). So, if you are interested in a Newberry program taking place later this year, please contact Professor Dolan about possible funding.